Photo by Robert Burns

We are the Rocket Queens. An Appetite for Destruction ONLY tribute band from Northern California.

Wait; make that a top-hat-for-fucking-top-hat, attitude-for-attitude, tribute band to Appetite for Destruction.

We are here to keep alive the spirit of '87 and give to you what we are, in turn, giving ourselves. And that is the rock that you just don't hear anymore. There just aren't bands like the Guns N' Roses of '87 around these days. Just try and find an album that rocks as hard as Appetite for Destruction.

Since no other band or album has come close to continuing where Appetite left off, and since GNR themselves no longer play these songs in this fashion, we have taken it upon ourselves to do our best to re-live this era.

This music is for us, in that we want to recapture the feelings and vibes from those long since past days. And this music is for all of you out there who miss the GNR of long ago. We intend to give you another go around.

You might notice that we have taken some liberties with this group. The most noticeable being our stage names. We have done this because we have a sense of humor and have trouble taking much of anything in this world too seriously. To paraphrase a line of dialog from the Simpson's: we need a name that is funny the first time, but less and less funny each time thereafter. If these names make you smile, great. If these names upset you, if you feel like we are degrading or mocking GNR, great. GNR had a habit of pissing people off. They lived their lives for themselves; doing, saying, and being what ever they wanted to be. Now, granted, we might not embody all of the same lines of thinking that GNR did (sometimes expressed through lyrics in One in a Million) but we do represent the attitude. So if these names, or anything to do with us, piss you off that is great. It means we are doing an even better job of replicating GNR than we expected.

We are readily available to play throughout Northern California, but we are eager to travel. If you would like us to show up and in your shantytown please get in touch.

Your comments, questions, hate mail, and the like are all welcome so send them in.
Semen Handler 9/99