Ahh, hate mail. What is finer? I'll never know. We here at Rocket Queens dot com tend to get a number of emails. Some of them are praising us for playing these great songs, and paying tribute to GNR. Some are confused and think that we have GNR merchandise for sale. A couple here and there think that we are GNR and tell us that we should get back together. Some of the emails are written by people in other countries where English is not their first language, so they are a little hard to understand, but greatly appreciated. And then we also get hate mail. The funny thing is that the hate mail often resembles the work of 4th graders, and the insults are just as cunning and imaginative.

Regardless, we have included a few of our favorites for your reading pleasure. If you have a complaint with the band, maybe it is best to read the FAQ page.


Although we don't put up 'nice' mail Sloth thought this email should go up on the site just to show that a guy from halfway across the world also thinks the average RQ hatemailer sounds like a 2nd grader (which, really, is an insult to 2nd graders everywhere).

From: jay sim

Just so you knew, i'm a Singaporean.

(and then Jay says blah blah blah and yadda yadda yadda, and then says...)

PS: what kinda hate mails are you receiving? They sound like fuckin 2nd graders. Where the fuck are they from?