Frequently Asked Questions:

Will you guys come play in My Town, in My State, and/or in My Country?
We'd love to play in your town/state/country but we can only do so if we are paid accordingly. Traveling (especially just to do ONE show) is very expensive. We have day jobs, we have school, we have other obligations, and to leave those behind costs money. If you can set up a proper show, and you believe you can make it financially viable, then please email Semen Handler.

Will you guys play a show in My Town in California?
Yes, we'd love to. Please email Semen Handler .

What's your show like?
We play 30-45 minutes of material (depending on the venue's time stipulation) from Appetite For Destruction, dressed head-to-toe, bottle-to-bottle, top-hat-for-top-hat like GnR a la 1987. We'll probably also bicker about what song is next, knock a beer over and get pissy, a la the GnR of 1991.

Why don't you guys play November Rain?
We are an Appetite For Destruction ONLY tribute band. WE are not a GNR tribute band, but an Appetite Tribute band. We only play those songs; so don't ask us to play anything else.

Your singer doesn't sound anything like Axl Rose, your guitar player cannot play the solos, your drummer sucks, your background vocals suck, I can play those songs better than you and I have only been playing guitar for 3 days!
If you can sing better, and play guitar better, then go do it. Go become a mega star, and please leave us alone.

Are you guys serious?
Yes, and no. We really do LOVE this record, but we are not a "serious band." Remember: this is a TRIBUTE band.

Why do you guys rip off GNR and try to get famous by stealing their songs?
We have no interest in getting famous. This is a tribute band, meaning we are paying tribute to an album. We are not trying to "make it big" or even make "money." This is just for our own enjoyment.

Why don't you guys start your own band, and write your own songs?
We have, and we do. All of the members of this band are in other bands, which write their own material. The Rocket Queens is just a collection of friends who have gotten together with a common interest in rocking out to some GNR songs once in a while. That is it. It is, (get this) JUST FOR FUN! Wow, what a concept!

What do the members of GNR think about your band?
As far as we know they probably don't even know about it, but if they did, they'd probably get a kick out of it. More than likely, they could care less about us.