High Variance Vs. Low Variance: Finding The Right Slot For You

Choosing the right slot machine can be a challenging task for anyone trying to find the perfect match.

One crucial factor that distinguishes slots is their variance, or volatility.

Understanding the difference between high variance and low variance slots is key to tailoring your gaming experience to match your preferences and risk tolerance.

Explore the dynamics of high and low variance slots to help you make an informed decision.

A Definition Of Variance

Variance, also known as volatility, refers to the level of risk associated with a particular slot machine.

It basically determines the frequency and size of payouts.

Slots with high variance tend to have fewer but larger payouts, while low variance slots offer more frequent but smaller wins.

Both types cater to different player preferences, making it essential to choose a variance level that aligns with your gaming style and available budget.

The Thrill Of Big Wins

High variance slots are synonymous with the thrill of bagging substantial Jackpots.

These games are designed to deliver infrequent but significant payouts, creating an adrenaline-fueled experience for players who enjoy the excitement of a big and potentially life-changing win.

Patience Is Key

Playing high variance slots requires patience. Due to the infrequent payouts, players may experience longer dry spells between wins.

However, the allure lies in the potential for a massive Jackpot that can make up for any previous losses.

Strategic Bankroll Management

Successful navigation of high variance slots involves strategic bankroll (money) management.

Players should be prepared for the possibility of extended playing sessions without significant wins and adjust their bets accordingly to sustain their gameplay and safeguard their entertainment budget.

Popular High Variance Slots

Some super-popular high variance slots include Microgaming’s “Immortal Romance,” NetEnt’s “Dead or Alive,” and Play’n GO’s “Book of Ra.”

These games are celebrated among iGaming enthusiasts the world over for their lucrative potential and a promise of entertainment meets riches.

Low Variance Slots: Consistency

Low variance slots provide a more consistent stream of smaller wins.

This type of slot is ideal for players who prefer a steady flow of payouts, even if they are not as substantial as those in high variance games.

Extended Gameplay

With low variance slots, players can enjoy more extended gameplay sessions without facing significant swings in their bankroll.

Regular, albeit smaller, wins contribute to a more sustained and relaxed iGaming experience.


Low variance slots are often recommended for beginners or those who are new to playing the best online pokies Australia has to offer.

The less volatile nature of these games allows players to familiarise themselves with the mechanics of online slots without the intense ups-and-downs associated with high variance alternatives.

Popular Low Variance Titles

Examples of low variance slots include NetEnt’s “Starburst” and Microgaming’s “Thunderstruck II.”

These games are known for their frequent payouts, making them appealing to players who appreciate a steadier progression during their gameplay sessions.

Experiment And Explore

The beauty of online slots lies in their diversity. It’s always a good idea (and great fun) to experiment and explore both high and low variance slots.  Trying out different games will allow you to discover your own personal preferences.